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Jillian Verga

Graphic Designer

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Currently a full time student, striving to stay true to my work and my character while also being open to experimentation and what I can learn from others.

Expertise: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Mac Products, Video Editing.

Software Skills:


About Me.

I believe my designs to be a visual love letter embedded with persona, pop culture, and youth to the stellar eyes. A saccharine taste is often present in what I create, catered to those who see art in an exciting and everlasting youthful light. As we grow older and mature, a lot of the saturated hues we may have seen as youthful beings tend to fade and get lost in the priorities we face in the real world. To me, I believe art can be something that allows us to be self indulgent, even if that means feeling that little bit of youthful, freshness feeling just for a moment. I think it’s important to stick to the values we hold during our youth as it helps to shape who we are while we grow; which is what I try to touch on through my creations. My work is free spirited, but not careless. There are subtle homages paid to bits and pieces of my persona blended into my works. Being from Asian descent, many of my projects incorporated my heritage with many references to the values and interests I hold close to me. I derive inspiration from many of the movies and media I was surrounded by from a young age. The main catalyst for my creations would be the magazines I had been entranced by. Having an interest in clothing, fashion magazines held elements that now spark ideas for my designs today. There is a sense of fantasy and heavy romanticism intertwined in pop culture, and I tend to pull the positive light from that into works. My designs are meant to be vibrant with a touch of personality as I believe there is a bit of pop culture encoded within everyone. With personal works, I tend to fall in love with the idea of staying true to myself in the present day. I am aware that I won’t always be the young woman I am today, so I value recording my personality and displaying it through designs right now.


I strive for my visuals to have romantic and cool elements to it, experimenting with color schemes, texture, and overall aesthetics. I hope that my creations can reach an audience that has an everlasting youthful spirit and give a bliss to those who may have let a part of themselves fade away some time ago.



The College of New Jersey

After my two years at community college, I transferred to The College of New Jersey where I am currently in the process of obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in the Spring of 2025. Here, I am challenged to discover my true relationship with design and what is important to me. Having experience in this field for two years now but being reintroduced to it in a brand new setting is a challenge within itself. Right now I am not only designing with more purpose and impact for myself, but also experimenting new ideas and aesthetics to reach a broader audience. I am learning to collaborate more with my peers and learning from others, all while sharing what skills I have mastered with them. 


Associate's in Graphic Design
Raritan Valley Community College

Spending my first two years in community college, I gained so many skills in and out of the classroom that I truly could have only obtained while at Raritan Valley. I learned the foundation skills needed to convey the message of design while also seeing more than what was just on the surface. While at Raritan Valley, I was a part of several student art shows from 2022 and 2023. Along with those few cases, I was also a part of creating an exhibition in the Spring of 2023 for my class. 

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